For many years our naval engineering team has been involved in the design and construction of high performance boats for navies and coast guards. The research and development of new solutions for the nautical field and the implementation of the most advanced technologies helped us, over the years, to accumulate a remarkable bag of experience.

Today, we have launched into a new challenge, shifting to pleasure crafts the applied technologies and the experience accumulated in years, delivering outstanding performance boats and luxury trim.

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About US - ICS Marine

The passion of the whole ICS Marine team for boats, the beauty and the well-done things, the innate Italian talent of expressing the beauty and transforming ideas into design, are today turned into a production of safe, stylish and easy-to-sail boats.

For its boats, ICS Marine takes advantage of the Italian handicrafts, with most of the works hand-made and a scrupulous and manic care for details.

“You need to have gone to sea to produce good design.
You have a feel for boats.”

Gianluca Adragna, Adragna Yacht Design

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